Excel - Spreadsheet Modelling

Worksheets and Workbooks

1. CtrlHome: Selects cell A1
2. CtrlEnd: Selects the cell at the intersection of the last-used column and last-used row on the worksheet
3. Page Up: Scrolls up one screen
4. Page Down: Scrolls down one screen
5. AltPage Up: Scrolls left one screen
6. AltPage Down: Scrolls right one screen
7. CtrlPage Up: Selects the previous worksheet
8. CtrlPage Down: Selects the next worksheet
9. CtrlTab: Moves to the next open Excel workbook


1. [WINDOWS only] Alt : Pressing the Alt key once will allow you to quickly select a ribbon using its letter key

Basic Techniques:


Financial Functions [TBD]


1.ctrl+H : Find and Replace
2. ctrl+shift+1 : Number format (2 decimals)
3. ctrl+shift+2 : Time format
4. ctrl+shift+3 : Date format


Using ' before value will store value as a string in the cell


Last Updated: 26-24,20-18 June 2021