Perspectives for an MBA student [WIP]

An MBA Degree as a stepping stone for divergent life paths. However a few key takeaways for me has been learning to use thinking frameworks and questioning assumptions which leads to better problem solving.


Framework Thinking helps keep a checklist, organise, analyze and come up with solutions and recommendations. MBA students come across these usually during their classes and placement preparations, where students learn apply existing well known frameworks. I've realised the power of framework thinking while preparing for guestimate problems which requires coming up with a meaningful framwork from scratch. Coming up with your own versions of frameworks and mnemonics (for easier memorizability) is always advised for interviews as it adds your own flavour/expertise to the table.

First principles thinking requires us to assume nothing. It encourages to dive deeper until we reach foundational truths. It aids in coming up with innovative solutions.

"Many of the most groundbreaking ideas in history have been a result of boiling things down to the first principles and then substituting a more effective solution for one of the key parts." -- James Clear
Understanding the first principles of your field is a smart use of your time.


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