Elephants and Cheetahs [WIP]


Classroom notes for Elephants and Cheetahs course offered by the legendary Saral Mukharjee at IIMA for Operations Strategy domain. These notes would also cover topics discussed in his book titled the same.

"I know nothing"
"Enlightenment will come"


[] What is a system?
[] Hierarchy of Complexity
[] Mutual Causal Processes aka Feedback loops -- positive and negative
[] Dominant and Latent feedbacks
[] Innovation and feedback loops
[] Structures, behaviours and patterns

Elephants: Cost Leadership

Elephants play on cost leadership.

Core characteristics of an Elephant:
Other traits:

Cheetah: Time Responsiveness

Cheetahs are concerned about the "cost of time".

Core characteristics of a Cheetah:
Other traits:
Produces more when required as demand is seasonal and/or competitive


[] What is Quality?
[] Dimensions of Quality
[] Cost of Quality

Case: (Jiro Dreams of Sushi)[]
Case: (Sushi-belt restaurants)[]

Created: 2 Nov 2022
Modified: 2 Nov 2022