Learning and Thinking

Inquiry Model

Inquiry model of learning:

First Principles

[NOTES] First principles thinking is a fancy way of saying “think like a scientist.” Scientists don’t assume anything. They start with questions like, What are we absolutely sure is true? What has been proven?.

“Systematically doubt everything he could possibly doubt until he was left with what he saw as purely indubitable truths.”

Many of the most groundbreaking ideas in history have been a result of boiling things down to the first principles and then substituting a more effective solution for one of the key parts. The best solution is not where everyone is already looking.

How to Think for Yourself? The human tendency for imitation is a common roadblock to first principles thinking. When most people envision the future, they project the current form forward rather than projecting the function forward and abandoning the form.

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Mind Maps

Mind maps are effecive, enhance creativity, improve critical thinking, increase metacognition (The perfect mindmap). However, they are difficult to master and may be demotivating.

Justin Sung’s GRINDE Map: