Hello, I'm abstractxan and this website is my digital garden. I curate ideas and resources about technology, business, art and my activity logs.

I'm a business consultant by profession. Did an MBA after my B.Tech in Computer Science. I'm interested in management, games, art, computers and combinations of these. I'm also passionate about offline tools and softwares. I like to talk about my experiments with art. I like to share ideas like longevity, documentation methodologies, and other fleeting ideas of mine.

You could treat this as a personal database of my life. This website is in no way complete and shall never be. Expect unfinished notes and artwork here.

Where to go from here?


This website is made with C++ using Mizi, a site generator I built to automate writing HTML code. Mizi and this website are heavily inspired by 100 Rabbits, check them out.


Website. since the beginning (early 2020s), this website has been my archive and mirror of what I've learnt and worked on over the years.

In all that is shared on the many pages populating this website, I reserve the right to be wrong, and to change my mind. I am always learning, and deepening my view and understanding of any one thing.

Logs. I'm a fan of logging my activities for future reference and retrospection. I log my daily activities on my personal obsidian journal and put out occasional updates here.