Game Log

Dredge ★★★

Fishing 10/10, Scary 9/10, Story 9/10

Inscryption ★★★★

Rogue-like card game? or nah?
God cards. Black Death. Pick your poison. When I get older.

Rocket League ★★★★

Achievements: Epic Games Achievements
Rank Diamond III <-> Champ I

'Car soccer' doesn't do justice to this beauty. Rocket League is by far the most refreshing gaming experience I've ever expericed across all the genres. It's an instant palate cleanser when you're going through longer spells of playing the conventional FPS, RPG, or Strategy games.

While the learning curve is extremely harsh, the game is fun to play and learn with friends. I've learnt a lot more about strategy, comradiere and communication through this video game than any other sport. I've reached Champ I from Platinum within a year from Feb 2022 to Feb 2023.

Typical in game lingo we use include (not exhaustive): rotations, cut, fifty-fifty, backboard defense, pre-jump, backboard pass, double-tap, back post defense, fake, ball chase.


Game Mechanics Progress
Mechanics List with Video

Hollow Knight ★★★★

Achievement. Progress

Video. "Stupid Crystal, my bench!"


Civ6 ★★★

Hades ★★

Shapes ★★