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Dune 2 ★★★★★
Sci-fi, Drama, Thriller.Insanely good, amazing cinematography, sound design. Dune 2 makes you experience how the wheels are set in motion for a colossal event that occurs at a very large scale. Brutalistic architecture inspiration. Unique aspect ratio. Great sound design. Rarw infrared camera scenes.

Groundbreaking. Perhaps triggering another era of masterpiece cinema.


Anatomy of a fall ★★★★
Crime, Drama, ThrillerAmazing cinematography. Great acting. Well written dialogues. An unimportant observation -- I sensed this movie was an adaptation of a theatre script from the way it had been written and played. Simple scene setups and good dialogues.


Constantine (2005) ★★


Woman in the Dunes(1964) ★★★
Drama, Thriller


The Cloud in Her Room(2010) ★★★
DramaLoneliness and love. Beautiful black and white shots. It doesn't feel like a well knitted movie but instead is a series of individual strands of occurrences.


Anand ★★★★
Drama, Slice of LifeHeavy. What struck me the most was that Anand, on multiple occassions, talked about how his situation had snatched away his ability to dream. Dreams that cannot be fulfilled. Dreams he can't afford to dream about. I love Anand's dialogues that make him bond with others by demanding love. "Tum mere liye, itna to karoge. Karoge na?" Think about it, when was the last time someone said that to you? And ofcourse, incredible music.


Normal People (TV Show) ★★★★
Drama, Romance[WIP]


The Piano Teacher
Drama, RomanceRivetting. Uncomfortable. Psychosexual drama. And perhaps something closer to the bizarreness. Neither of the main characters are likable and yet it is a difficult and heavy watch.


Dr.Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb


Superhero, AnimatedEpic sequel art-wise. Villain wants revenge from hero cliché.


I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too


Parasyte: The Maxim (TV Show) ★★★
Crime, Thriller


Haikyu (TV Show) ★★★★
SportsGreat anime, keeps viewers hooked until the end. Characters have been well developed with unique idiosyncrasies. Touches upon major concepts of growth and grind. I particularly liked the idea of being a "goody two shoes" isn't helpful for people's growth.


Breaking Bad (TV Show) ★★★★
Action, ThrillerRewatched it


Fast X
Action, DramaMovie mostly revolves around the same old "revenge" thingy. However, the story doesn't culminate by the end of the movie and hints towards another upcoming movie to climax. Very undercooked storyline though. Mostly banks on the fact that it has every actor ever from the FF series in the movie. Regardless, watching a kid cheering on during the action scenes made my day.


Mushishi (TV Show) ★★★★ [WIP]
Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Drama[SPOILER] Binged Mushishi for the 4th time and it's as good as the first time. Slow paced, mysterious and sometimes tragic, Mushishi packs a punch for people like me who are amazed everytime a new mushi related phenomenon is introduced i.e every episode. The show touches upon human emotions like anger, greed, loneliness, death, tragedy, moral dilemma. It also provides us food for thought for topics like immortality, time, life, society, nature, self-worth, love.

While dealing with the supernatural, the helplessness of mortal beings is evident in each story. I love that Ginko, the protagonist does the best he can while causing minimal interference to both realms. He often provides the remedies and recommendations to the troubled but leaves it upto them to take decisions for themselves.

Every episode makes the audience feel that they are solving the mystery with Ginko and that's where his common sense and some extra bit of experience with mushis shines. We are in awe of his problem solving skills and expertise.



Drive My Car★★★★★
Murakami. Three parallel stories. Intertextuality adding meaning to the story. The beauty of a play and the power of a script.

"Two texts echoing each other. The theme becomes louder and rings truer" -- Accented Cinema on Youtube[WIP]


Altered Carbon (TV Show) ★★★
Mystery, Sci-fi[SPOILER] The show tries to capture a society where immortality has furthered the gap between those who could and couldn't afford newer sleeves. Humans have come up with a technology that could transfer consciousness from one body to another in an attempt to live through space travel. This however has spill over effects on the society's perception of life and death and the twisted definition of the rich being the new, immortal gods.


Kim's Convenience ★★★
Drama, Romance


Beef (TV Show) ★★


Stranger Things (TV Show) ★★★★
ThrillerWhen a kid disappears mysteriously into the woods, his friends, their adoloscent siblings, parents and the cops try the best way they can, while realising they are dealing with the supernatural.


Romance Doll ★★★★
Yuki Tanada
Artistic, Bittersweet[SPOILER] A story about a man falling in love with his (future) muse that leads him to become an artist. A tragic magnum opus created to capture a dying muse. Left alone with his artwork and memories, the loneliness of the artist after his muse dies in his arms. Despite being an exact replica, the artist realises his work is nowhere close to his muse. Artist's acceptance and gratitude for the muse, knowing that no one else knows about the muse behind the art than the artist himself.

The movie touches various topics -- (1) the death of a muse, (2) passion and the pursuit of excellence, (3) mistakes and forgiveness, (4) communication and intimacy (5) loneliness. I liked the cinematography; 1:49:00 would always remain etched in my mind - truly soul crushing. The movie seems to share common themes with Ghibli's The Wind Rises along the lines of art, excellence, and dying wives.

Actors Issey Takahashi and Yu Aoi did a splendid job crafting a believably sweet couple. The movie also has great intimate scenes that add to the plot multifold.


Dead Evil Rise ★★★
Horror, GoreNo filler plot. Scary every scene. Kept the audience at the edge of their seats throughout. Would recommend watching once.


Palm Springs
Time loop, Romance
The Full-Time Wife Escapist (TV Show) ★★
Romance, DramaThe show kickstarts with an intriguing idea of a paid wife. The plot shifts to a shared and paid wife concept. Ultimately shifted to a more clichéd normal wife scenario masked as house co-managers, running the house as a company. The show has strong japanese work ethic contexts -- the employees are expected to bring their best selves to their jobs. This implies that the hired wife works like an ideal employee/wife. This leads to issues later in the show where working at par with the other co-manager (husband) brings out the entirety of the wife's actual personality. The show also touches upon the topics of low-self esteem, communication and fair wages. The writing towards the end of the show felt lacking and hard to follow. Regardless, Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino both have my heart for giving a hell of a performance -- even getting married irl.


Kabir Singh


Life in a metro ★★

An interesting take on intervowen lives of people in a metropolis. Gave off very Wong Kar Wei vibes.


Didn't really like this one on the grounds of an undercooked plot and the sheer optimism that even after so many shenanigans, both of them end up together. In my opinion, it's hardly the case in real life, there is always the hope that we could find someone better than the previous, perhaps it helps us move on. Also, the movie seemed to miss out on the parts -- how and when the female character introspects and realises she broke the male protagonist.


Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★
Creative, Multiverse, Drama, Sci-fi?Great concept, Very creative. Great Cinematography. Engaging throughout. Extremely fun to watch with friends in a theatre. Love the Wong Kar Wei tribute.




Chungking Express ★★★
Wong Kar Wei (Hong Kong, 1994)

Fallen Angels ★★★★
Wong Kar Wei (Hong Kong, 1995)

In The Mood For Love ★★★
Wong Kar Wei (Hong Kong, 2000)

The Hand ★★
Wong Kar Wei (Hong Kong, 2004)

2046 ★★
Wong Kar Wei (Hong Kong, 2004)

A Short Film About Love
Krzysztof Kieślowski (1998)

The "idea" of love; voyeurism


Decision to leave
Park Chan-Wook (2022)


About Love ★★★
Archana Phadke


CastleVania (TV Show) ★★★★★
Better Call Saul (TV Show) ★★★
Psycho-pass ★★★
Cyperpunk EdgeRunners ★★★
Squid Games ★★
Bohemian Rhapsody ★★★★
Arcane ★★★★★
Delhi Belly ★★★★★
Mai Hoon Na ★★★
Bhool Bhulaiyya 2 ★
Lucy ★★★★


Spiderman: No Way Home ★★★
Action, SuperheroDecent movie. Mostly banks on the fame of previous spiderman movies


Castle in the Sky ★★★★★
Mystery, Exploration, Comedy, AnimatedIn love with the mystery and curiosity this movie creates and holds onto even after the movie.


It's a boy-girl thing
Comedy, Fiction, RomanceGood acting. Mild goody-goody drama. Storyline was okay. Lost its spark on rewatching.


Matrix reloaded ★★★★★
Action, Sci-Fi, ThrillerRewatched for the 5th time? And still packs a punch??? Came here after Tenet, this one still wins by a large factor. LEGENDARY.


Dead Pigs
Cathy Yan
DramaWatch normal lives of people go to shit converge at the end.


Salon Kitty ★★
Tinto Brass
Drama, Cult, Erotica


Kramer vs Kramer ~ Robert Benton
DramaDivorce and kids


Adolescents ★★★
Sébastien Lifshitz
Laid back documentary on people who aren't young enough to be called kids or old enough to be called adults.


Invisible Life ★★★★

Karim Ainouz


Upstream Color ★★★★
Sci-Fi, Drama, MysteryNo dialogues after you finish 50% of the movies, yet the story progresses at a constant pace through visual parallels/similies. Excellent cinematography.

The Adventures of Tin Tin ★★★


So long my son ★★★★
Wang Xiaoshuai
DramaHeart wrenching story of two chinese family and their bond. One child policy and it's effect on people.


Tokyo Sonata ★★★
Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Drama, LifeSlice of life. A great breather if you ever feel like escaping your normal day-to-day routine. Everyone needs to get their shit together at the end.


Breakwater ★★★


Tripping with Nils Frahm ★★★★
Documentary, MusicDissolve into the melodic music


Curse of the golden flower ★★
Action | FightingNice actions scenes. I don't like conspiracy thingies.


Office spaces ★★★
Cult classic

3 Idiots ★★★


Gamak Ghar