Enigma 2019 Prelims


Event is 3hrs from 9 to 12pm (midnight). Only one submission per team. Multiple submission will lead to disqualification. Enter valid names as registered on Tirutsava website. Failing to do so will lead to disqualification

  1. 1.1 We strongly recommend using internet the greatest gift of the god to its fullest potential.
  2. 1.2 Failure to use god's gift will be considered as blasphemy and the participant will be rendered unable to solve even a single question.
  3. 2 We all at enigma love wearing hats and will greatly appreciate not using any caps in the answers.
  4. 3 Due to recent court hearings all contestants are required to enjoy the storyline embedded in the contest. Failure to do so will result in boredom.
  5. 4 Order of court can be ignored but one shall not ignore the order of questions.
  6. 5 Thou shall be ranked by your intellectual potential to score marks and submit fast
  7. 6 Thou shalt doubt our intellect by wondering how many answers a question has. Just like god they is only one true answer and that's ours.
  8. 7 Thou shall submit on or before 12 midnight

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Enigma 2: Paradise Falls

In a future far unseen an architect was busy working on a paradise for the whole humanity. It was a world without suffering, an Utopian society and a prison for minds trapped in the dimension of virtual reality.

It was a facade build to enslave the minds. It was the matrix.

It was the first prototype matrix which stimulated the New-York city. Equipped with all the pleasure one can wish for it was just one component away from completion. The matrix was filled with millions of trapped minds. It needed much required order and someone to maintain it for eternal of enslavement of the human race.


Chapter 1: The first program

Program of Agent Smith was almost done all it needed was the initiation sequence, hidden in plain sight for everyone to see the sequence was also supposed to be the first sentence of the unstoppable program called Agent Smith.

1. Enter the initiation sequence [1 point]

Chapter 2: Et tu, Brute?

Agent Smith received the communication protocol to interact with other programs in the Matrix. Once initiated, his memory was flooded with welcome messages. But one caught his attention the most.

2. anfuvfivbyngvat [1 point]

Chapter 3: Browsing the Matrix

Agent Smith scanned the log files in search of the sender. The name of which appeared to be a code.

3. #FF0000 Panda [2 points]

Chapter 4: The Company of Myself

A girl turned on her computer inside her "new" house in New-York. This new-comer to the matrix was met with a strange message on her PC screen "#FF0000 Panda invites you to play the GAME" well that was a bit weird.


4. Minimum number of shadows needed in level 19 [3 point]

5. Minimum number of lever presses by "Jack" (the hat man) needed to finish the game. Ignore levers triggered by images [3 point]

Chapter 5: 2̶0̶4̶8̶ 2084

Adriana felt something she had not felt before in this strange new city of New-York. Next day her screen was ready with another message:

6. r/X ; 'X'=? [5 points]

Corner case end

X is the answer but not the correct one.

7. Vigenére agrees - you know the key. [5 points]

Chapter 6: The Kombat

8. "Only person to follow the relative by the marriage whose blood code is 45-26"[8 points]

Chapter 7: Intertwined

Adriana progresses further

9. Part 1: {87.73, -86.18, 83.18} lacieb nag a ram [13 points]

10. Part 2: Answer to Part 2 = Answer to part 1 + sativum [13 points]

11. Part 3: Gabriel Picolo's famous series has this character [13 points]

12. Part 4: If this sentence is true, then Santa Claus exists. Is the answer to this question 'No'? What is common in the above statements. [13 points]

13. End of Chapter 6: Final hint: u/onionchowder. All above answers point to this. [13 points]

Chapter 8: The Golden Commandment

Adriana was confused by all the random questions but she was still curious. World around her had always felt odd to her but she could never figure out what was so wrong with this apparently perfect world? What was that little something her world lacked? Her monitor blinked again this time with a link.


"This is the Golden Question you always had in your heart. So hurry up and get there fast. Before it is destroyed by a certain someone who might reach there before you".

14. The first team to crack will be the only one to solve. And this realization made Adriana Shiver [21 points]

Chapter 9: The Chase Begins

Agent Smith was relieved to finally track down rogue program #FF0000 Panda. He transferred all remains of the #FF0000 Panda to his memory and started looking for the loose ends.

Chapter 10: The Turing Machine

Eliminating the girl and erasing everything was what Agent Smith desired. He reached her apartment to find her PC on and transmitting a video. It had a unbreakable code as its password but he had an infinite mind at his disposal.

"It was the first machine of its kind designed to destroy the old world "

"You Know What BM3? some squares have magical properties"

"hzyoi kbnsw uqbhg ltfsg pyrkz mkldz yap"

15. Enter The Password [33 points]

Epilogue: The Final Sequence

Adriana tuned in a news channel. "Good people of New-York, don\'t believe the false information spread by some terrorists to harm our great nation. NYPD has made multiple arrests in past couple of weeks regarding the video broadcast by the same terrorist outfit to induce widespread public fear." She quickly turned it off and leaned back on her chair. The people were slowly rejecting the matrix just like her unable to cope up with the reality so perfect. Symptoms were visible from last few weeks and everyone was feeling them. Things were getting progressively bad. She was feeling her vision slowly get blurry. She got up and walked to the balcony. People on street were falling down and cars were crashing into objects and people one after other. But she couldn\'t see any of it as her vision quickly faded and her head became light. It was the most sad day of the Architect\'s life as her precision matrix was off the grid. The perfect place of humanity was rejected by its inhabitants The Paradise Matrix has fallen.

16. I hope you\'ve been watching closely [54 points]